About us

Balkanica Distral was created by a group of professional people, specialized in food distribution, in order to meet the needs of the customers, mostly foreigners in Europe, to feel the traditional tastes of their homelands. Since 2012 we have shared a little piece of Rumania with the world by exporting top products throughout all of Europe: Spain, Cyprus, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, England and Denmark. With over 3000 export shipments to date, we promise one thing - quality is our main priority! We are the only distributor of ethnic products, Sanitary authorized in: ambient temperatures, refrigerated and frozen, dedicated exclusively to customers in the Diaspora Comunity. This guarantees to our customers that their favorite products will always reach their tables in the best conditions.


Our headquarters

Logistical base is located in the region of Prahova, with more than 0 m2.


Our clients

Weekly sales for our Business Partners to more than 0 countries.


Our team

Our team at Balkanica Romania has more than 0 employees, dedicated to the work we do.

High quality products of the most renowned brands in Romania